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Mixed dynamic task allocation for multiple UAV


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Mixed dynamic task allocation for multiple UAV
Cao Lei1Tan Heshun1Peng Hui1Pan Mingcong2
1.College of Command Information System,PLA University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210007,China; 2.Combat Experimental Center,Nanjing Army Command College of the PLA,Nanjing 210045,China
dynamic task allocation particle swarm optimizer-fish swarm algorithm decentralized auction algorithm state information
For the dynamic task allocation problem of the multi-unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)with unexpected new tasks appearing in battle field,in order to fulfill its time complexity and communication complexity requirement,a state information model of UAV and UAV groups based on the grouping of tasks and UAVs is presented.A mixed dynamic task allocation method is proposed to decompose the problem into the group-level task allocation and the agent-level task allocation,and to solve them by using particle swarm optimizer-fish swarm algorithm(PSO-FSA)and the distributed auction algorithm.The simulation experiment proves the effectiveness of the algorithm and it can reduce the size of the dynamic task allocation and lead to the reduction of the time complexity and the communication complexity.


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