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Network anomaly detection method based on RTT matrix subspace


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Network anomaly detection method based on RTT matrix subspace
Li Bainan12Qian Yekui2Luo Xingguo1
1.Laboratory of System on Chip Design Technology Researches,National Digital Switching System Engineering and Technological Research Center,Zhengzhou 450002,China; 2.Department of Command and Control,Air Defence Forces Academy of PLA,Zhengzhou 450052,Chi
anomaly detection principal component analysis subspace round-trip time matrix
Aiming at the problems that previous anomaly detection methods either focus on the single link/path,or need sophisticated monitoring techniques based on the traffic matrix,the round-trip time(RTT)matrix model is constructed.The concept RTT matrix subspace is introduced and the analysis method based on the RTT matrix subspace(ARMS for short)is put forward.In order to verify the feasibility of ARMS,the real measurement data from Abilene show that ARMS can satisfy two preconditions for the anomaly detection.Simulation experiments on NS2 show that ARMS can detect the anomaly network more accurately than traditional time series analysis,the detection effect is better when the abnormal traffic augments or is distributed more widely,and it is unrelated with the network topology size.


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