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Indoor localization algorithm based on real time state of motion and RSSI ranging


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Indoor localization algorithm based on real time state of motion and RSSI ranging
Wang Qun12Li Zongxing1Li Qianmu1Zhang Hong1
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Department of Computer Information and Cyber Security,Jiangsu Police Institute,Nanjing 210031,China
indoor locatization received signal strength indication ranging real-time motion states ranging linear regression estimate median filter
For reducing the cost of hardware deployment and improving the efficiency of the indoor localization,an indoor localization algorithm combining an indoor location state prediction of low-speed movement characteristics of human with a low-cost indoor algorithm based on the received signal strength indication(RSSI)ranging technology is presented.By analyzing a distance measurement model and a predictive model based on the state of motion,a ranging experiment model is designed to gain multiple sets of data for validation.The algorithms and models take samples and deal with experimental data and the parameters by the median filter and average value processing,reducing the influence of environmental change on the data and improving data reliability.Every parameter is rationally selected from model parameters through the linear regression analysis of experimental data.The experiment analyzes and validates the proposed analysis algorithm through the actual final results.The experiment indicates that the method can improve ranging anti-jamming capability of RSSI and reduce the cost of hardware deployment.The ranging error is about 1.3 m when the longest distance of a node is about 5 m and the other nodes are evenly distributed.


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