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RFID duplicate removing algorithm based on temporal-spatial Bloom filter


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RFID duplicate removing algorithm based on temporal-spatial Bloom filter
Wang Yongli1Wang Chuan1Jiang Xiaohui1Zhang Gongxuan1Sun Shujie2
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Third Mine Pusilian,Seventh Oil Extraction Plant,Daqing 163517,China
Bloom filter radio frequency identification redundant data integer array bit array memory space utilization false positive errors false negative errors
Aiming at the problem of huge amounts of duplicate data caused by the inherent unreliability of radio frequency identification(RFID),a redundant data filtering algorithm is proposed based on temporal-spatial Bloom filter.A great deal of RFID data are dealt every time using a limited memory.Integer array is used instead of bit array,and the memory space consumption is times of the tag length before.Compared with the traditional Bloom filter,the algorithm proposed here has good space utilization.The problem of traditional Bloom filter that it can't deal with a mass of real-time data flow is overcomed by the algorithm proposed here.False positive errors are removed,false negative errors are minimized by setting appropriate parameters.False negative errors are related to the specific application and filter settings specifically.Experimental results verify the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


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