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Performance optimization method of Lucene in big data


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Performance optimization method of Lucene in big data
Ma YangCai Bing
Jiangsu Branch of National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/ Coordination Center of China,Nanjing 210003,China
big data Lucene memory computing batch processing inverted index post-list cache random access memory index disk index multiple block inverted structure
To improve the data query efficiency in big data,an optimized inverted index method—RAM FS directory(RFDirectory)is proposed here based on memory computing and batch processing technique.A post-list management technique combining random access memory(RAM)and disk is realized based on Lucene.New data are written into a cache,and then written into a disk index periodically to improve the writing performance of the inverted index method.Data query results are provided efficiently to consumers by integrating the multiple block inverted structure of the disk and RAM.Experimental results show that the index constructing time of RFDirectory is 50% of that of FSDirectory or RAMDirectory,and the time consuming of returning the index result of one keyword is reduced by 15% in big data.


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