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Robust non-fragile H controller design method for small-scale unmanned helicopter


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Robust non-fragile H controller design method for small-scale unmanned helicopter
Xia HuiChen Qingwei
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
small-scale unmanned helicopter non-fragile robust H control parameter perturbation time delay nonlinear term state equation Lyapunov function
Considering the delay,uncertainty and nonlinear dynamics of small-scale unmanned helicopters,a robust non-fragile H controller design method for a small-scale unmanned helicopter model is proposed with nonlinearity and time delay.Firstly,the helicopter system is described as a state equation with parameter perturbation,time delay and nonlinear term.Then,sufficient condition for the existence of the H non-fragile robust controller is given based on Lyapunov function.Simulation results validate the robustness and non-fragility of the proposed method.


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