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Fault diagnosis method based on EEMD residual


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Fault diagnosis method based on EEMD residual
Geng Zhiqiang1Wang Zun1Gu Xiangbai12Lin Xiaoyong1
1.College of Information Science and Technology,Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing 100029,China; 2.Sinopec Engineering(Group)Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100101,China
ensemble empirical mode decomposition residuals fault diagnosis Bayesian information criterions Hilbert spectral Tennessee Eastman process
To improve the efficiency of fault diagnosis for chemical processes,a new fault diagnosis method based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition(EEMD)residuals is provided considering the sensitivity of residuals to fault states and the advantages of empirical mode decomposition(EMD)that it need not model and bases on input and output data analysis only.The control limits of the residuals fault diagnosis are defined based on 6σ control charts.EEMD moving windows are determined online by using Bayesian information criterions(BIC)and online real-time data.The EEMD maxium residual changes are calculated based on moving window sampling data,and the time and causes of faults are diagnosed online by combing with corresponding control limits of residual fault diagnosis.Compared with traditional Hilbert spectral analysis methods,the proposed method realizes online fault diagnosis and improves diagnosis accuracy.The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by Tennessee Eastman(TE)process simulation.


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