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Design of angle-of-attack observer for overload control system of anti-ship missile


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Design of angle-of-attack observer for overload control system of anti-ship missile
Wu Linghua1Zhao Hongchao2Jiang Xiaoming3
1.Chongqing Bureau of Naval Equipment Department,Chengdu 610100,China; 2.Faculty 703,Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University,Yantai 264001,China; 3.The 91049th Army,Qingdao 266100,China
anti-ship missiles overload control system angle-of-attack observer Lyapunov stability theory output-redefinition technique overload output nonminimum phase problem sliding mode method supersonic anti-ship missiles
In order to estimate the unknown angle-of-attack(AOA)of anti-ship missiles,an AOA observer is designed based on a nonlinear moving model of anti-ship missiles.The convergence capability of the AOA observer is analyzed according to Lyapunov stability theory.The output-redefinition technique is adopted to settle the nonminimum phase problem of overload output.The controller of missile overload control system is designed using the sliding mode method because of its strong robustness,and the tracking error of system output is ensured to converge to zero.A type of supersonic anti-ship missile is simulated and analyzed.The simulation results show that the observer output corresponds with the actual AOA basically after 0.02 s.


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