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Protein-protein interaction sites prediction based on weighted PSSM histogram and random forests ensemble


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Protein-protein interaction sites prediction based on weighted PSSM histogram and random forests ensemble
Wei ZhisenYang JingyuYu Dongjun
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
protein-protein interactions position specific scoring matrix weighted position specific scoring matrix histogram random forests classifier ensemble
In order to improve the accuracy of protein-protein interaction sites prediction,based on position specific scoring matrix(PSSM)of a protein,this paper develops a novel feature representation-weighted PSSM histogram.In view of the extreme imbalance in training data,combining under-sampling and classifier ensemble,a random forests ensemble classifier is trained.Compared with the traditional features,the features here possess a lower dimension reserving better discrimination.Classifier ensemble remits the damage of under-sampling and improves the performance.Experimental results show that the method here is effective and outperforms the state of the art methods on benchmark datasets.


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