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Optimization of Min-Min task scheduling algorithm based on load balance


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Optimization of Min-Min task scheduling algorithm based on load balance
Wang WenhaoYan YunyangZhou Jingbo
Faculty of Computer Engineering,Huaiyin Institute of Technology,Huaian 223003,China
computer cluster task scheduling algorithm optimization Min-Min algorithm fuzzy classification local rescheduling load balance
In order to solve the load imbalance problem in Min-Min scheduling algorithm and improve the load balance of cluster systems,this paper presents a load fuzzy classification and local re-schedule algorithm(LFC-LRA)based on Min-Min limit down compression algorithms.A fuzzy classification theory is introduced in this algorithm.According to the load of each node,nodes are divided into three types,heavy load,medium load and light load.Nodes with heavy load and light load are rescheduled and their task completion time is further compressed by Min-Min limit down compression algorithms which improve the load imbalance problem of the algorithm.The experimental results show that the improved algorithm can achieve a better load balance,significantly improving the system utilization,and reducing the system task completion time.


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