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Vehicle variable ratio steering control based on active disturbance rejection technology


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Vehicle variable ratio steering control based on active disturbance rejection technology
Bai Yu1Sang Nan12
1.School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering,Changzhou Institute of Technology,Changzhou 213002,China; 2.College of Energy and Power Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
active disturbance rejection technology active front steering variable steering ratio handling and stability active disturbance rejection controller PID control
Aiming at the shortages of steering characteristics of a vehicle with an invariable steering ratio,a control algorithm of the feedforward and active disturbance rejection feedback is proposed for the active front steering(AFS)of a vehicle.Feedforward controller and active disturbance rejection feedback controller(ADRFC)are designed.A variable steering ratio from 12 to 24 is realized by a feedforward controller,and desired yaw rate is tracked by ADRFC.The closed-loop control model of a vehicle is established to control a CarSim vehicle model to carry out the double lane change test,steering wheel angle step input test and μ-split test,and simulation results are compared with the PID control.The simulating results show that the designed controllers can implement variable ratio steering,and the vehicle has good tracking performance,small response overshoot,short response time and strong disturbance rejection,and various performance are better than the PID control,and controllability and stability are improved.


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