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Research and realization for increase-resistance-coefficient of whole- course-controllable trajectory correction projectile based on GPS


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Research and realization for increase-resistance-coefficient of whole- course-controllable trajectory correction projectile based on GPS
Zhang ZhianLei Xiaoyun
ZNDY of Ministerial Key Laboratory,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
global positioning system trajectory correction projectiles increase-resistance-coefficient whole-course-controllablity numerical simulation particle trajectory models polynomial fitting methods
In order to realize the correction project of a whole-course-controllable(WCC)trajectory correction projectile,through the analysis of a trajectory correction model,this paper presents how to determine the increase-resistance-coefficient(IRC)is the key to realize the correction project.Based on the particle trajectory model,a polynomial fitting method is utilized to determine the equation between correction range and the damper opening time.Polynomial coefficients are determined by the method of piecewise calculating trajectory.A bisection method is used to get the result of the deployment time.On the MATLAB software platform,the trajectory correction effect of different IRC is simulated.The simulation results show that with the increase of the correct distance and the IRC,the ballistic calculation time increases,the falling angle of a projectile progressively increases,and the falling velocity of a projectile decreases rapidly; with the increase of the IRC,correction capability is enhanced significantly.However,with the increase of the correction distance,the landing accuracy decreases gradually.Secondly,the simulation and experimental research are done on the correction projectile based on the optimal IRC.The test and the simulation results agree with each other,which provides the principle to select an IRC for WCC trajectory correction projectile.


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