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Optimization on solar-assisted heat pump system based on TRNSYS


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Optimization on solar-assisted heat pump system based on TRNSYS
Qu ShilinWang DongxuDong JiananPeng Li
School of Mechanical Engineering,University of Science and Technology Beijing,Beijing 100083,China
solar-assisted heat pump system heat collector heat storage water tank heat pump coefficient of performance transient system simulation program system optimization operation strategy
This paper optimizes a solar-assisted heat pump system on design and operation in order to improve its performance.We build a system model using transient system simulation program(TRNSYS),taking solar collector area,storage tank capacity and collector tilt as variables,and then optimize the design using GENOPT software.Meanwhile,we analyze the coefficient of performance(COP)and energy-saving potential of the system by taking temperature difference between supply and return water of heat collectors and that of heating terminal equipments as variables.The object of this study is a villa in Beijing.The study results show that the COP is increased and the performance is improved,which provide theoretical foundation for optimization on the solar-assisted heat pump system.


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