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Horizontal curve radius and vehicle speed in high-altitude area based on driver's heart rate


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Horizontal curve radius and vehicle speed in high-altitude area based on driver's heart rate
Tian LinXu JinliangJia Xingli
Key Laboratory for Special Area Highway Engineering of Ministry of Education, Chang'an University,Xi'an 710064,China
road engineering driver high-altitude area heart rate horizontal curve vehicle speed horizontal curve radius
To ensure the operation safety of highways in high-altitude area,a driving test method is applied to collect driver's heart rate,oximetry and vehicle speed in highway of high-altitude area by the heart rate tester and five-wheel meter,the relationship among driver's heart rate variability,the horizontal curve radius and vehicle speed is analyzed,the regression model of driver's heart rate,horizontal curve radius and vehicle speed in high-altitude area is established.Considering driver's safety,based on the driver's physiological and psychological characteristics,safety critical horizontal curve radius of highways fit for driver's psychology and physiology is determined in high-altitude areas,and the speed limit of horizontal curve section of highways in high altitude areas is proposed.The results provide reference for research on horizontal curve radius and speed limit of highways in high-altitude areas.


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