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NURBS model and isogeometric analysis of rifled barrel


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NURBS model and isogeometric analysis of rifled barrel
Guo Bin1Ge Jianli1Zhang Honghao2Yang Guolai1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.Beijing Institute of Specialized Machinery,Beijing 100143,China
rifled barrels isogeometric analysis non-uniform rational B-splines finite element method
By dividing the rifled barrel into several pieces according to the structural characteristics of the bore,the non-uniform rational B-splines(NURBS)basis function is used to establish the piecemeal three-dimensional isogeometric models of the rifled barrel here.And then these models are combined into a complete model by the piece stitching technique with the structural characteristics of the bore being retained precisely.Referring to the standard finite element method,loads and constraints are applied to the rifled barrel model,and then isogeometric analysis is performed.Through the comparison of the model and the results of the rifled barrel from the isogeometric analysis with those using the standard finite element method,it is shown that the isogeometric method has more advantages compared with the standard finite element method.Based on the static analysis,the dynamic displacement and stress of the rifled barrel are calculated through applying dynamic load.The model also can be utilized to further study the coupling problem of the projectile and the rifle barrel in the process of launching.


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