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Jammer deployment in multi-hop wireless network based on degree distribution


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Jammer deployment in multi-hop wireless network based on degree distribution
Wei XianglinHu YongyangWang XiaoboKan BaoqiangFan Jianhua
Nanjing Telecommunication Technology Research Institute,Nanjing 210007,China
multi-hop wireless network jammers degree distribution
Existing jamming attacks on the multi-hop wireless network(MHWN)are mostly initiated in time or frequency area,and pay little attention on the jammer spatial deployment.In order to bridge this gap,a general description of the jammer deployment problem is firstly formalized here.Secondly,a jammer deployment method based on the network degree distribution theory is used for the situation where the jamming goal is to minimize the packet delivery ratio(PDR)of MHWN.The proposed method infers the nodes' degree based on passive network monitoring and chooses those nodes with the highest degree as the jamming targets which will make it efficiently decrease the PDR of the network.Simulation results show that,in comparison with the existing random deployment method,the proposed method can efficiently drop the PDR of MHWN and fulfill the design goal.


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