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Improved rating prediction model basing on trust network and random walk strategy


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Improved rating prediction model basing on trust network and random walk strategy
Xiao Zhiyu1Zhai Yuqing12
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering;
2.Key Lab of Computer Network & Information Integration,Southeast University,Nanjing 211189,China
recommender trust network random walk rating prediction TrustWalker user similarity TopN rating referential users
In order to improve the accuracy of the rating prediction in recommender systems,the ReferentialUserWalker model based on TrustWalker is proposed here.The model is combined with the random walk strategy on the trust network and the item-based recommendation to improve the accuracy of rating prediction and to find the TopN trusted rating referential users associated with the trust weight to predict the rating.And then effect of noise data is reduced.The experiment results prove that the model in this paper has higher accuracy of rating prediction than TrustWalker.


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