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Memory state transfer optimization for VM live migration based pre-copy approache


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Memory state transfer optimization for VM live migration based pre-copy approache
Fei Wei 1Li Shuying2Zhong Yi 1Xu Jian 1
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.Information and Electronic Department,Shangqiu Institute of Technology,Shangqiu 476000,China
virtual machines pre-copy live migration dirty probabilities
As the pre-copy approaches of live VM migration have issues of low copy efficiency,long total migration time and large number of transferred pages,a method of VM memory state transfer optimization based the pre-copy approaches is proposed here.The size of migration window is determined by the link bandwidth dynamically.The dirty probability of each dirty page is calculated in accordance with the temporal locality and spatial locality principles,and the pages to be transferred are determined by the dirty probabilities.The method can predict the dirty probability more fully and avoid unnecessary retransmission as much as possible.The experiment results show that the optimized approach is better than the existing pre-copy approaches in terms of the downtime,the total migration time and the number of transferred pages.


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