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Adaptive robust control for servo system with transmission flexibility


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Adaptive robust control for servo system with transmission flexibility
Cheng Zhenhe1Guo Jian2Ji Jingjing2
1.State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company,Xuzhou 221005,China;
2.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
transmission flexibility servo system adaptive control robust control Newton kinematics adaptive compensation stable feedback
For servo systems with un-modeled dynamics and external disturbance,a kinetic model is set up according to the Newton kinematics and considering transmission flexibility.An adaptive robust controller based on Backstepping is designed including adaptive compensation,stable feedback and robust control based on model online parameter estimation.The closed-loop signals are proved to be bounded and the tracking error is within the range of any requirement by Lyapunov stability theory.Experiments verify the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


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