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Model-free adaptive sliding mode control method for uncertain robot system


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Model-free adaptive sliding mode control method for uncertain robot system
Li XingWang Xiaofeng
State Key Laboratory of Synthetical Automation for Process Industries, Northeastern University,Shenyang 110819,China
uncertain robot model-free control adaptive control sliding mode control data driven control dynamic linear method discrete sliding mode index reaching law five degrees of freedom robot exoskeleton upper-limb rehabilitation robot
To compensate for the problems of inaccurate and having time-varying parameters of a uncertain robot system model,a model-free adaptive sliding mode control method of data driven control is proposed here.A new dynamic linear method is used to transfer a uncertain robot dynamics model.A controller is designed using a model-free adaptive sliding mode control method of data driven control.The discrete sliding mode index reaching law is introduced to ensure the convergence.An exoskeleton upper-limb rehabilitation robot with five degrees of freedom is simulated by SimMechanics.The simulation results prove that even in the case of being unable to establish an accurate model,the model-free adaptive sliding mode control method proposed here can make the uncertain time-varying robot system move along a given path and the system is stable.Simulation results show the feasibility of this method.


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