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Full-text search architecture design based on Lucene


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Full-text search architecture design based on Lucene
Cui Shicheng1Li Qianmu1Ge Feng2
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.Institute of Computation Technology,Nanjing Information Technology Academe,Nanjing 210036,China
full-text search distributed parallel computing child-node servers root-node servers
In order to locate needed information in massive data and solve the search problem caused by the difference between structured and unstructured data,a full-text search architecture based on Lucene is proposed here.According to the design principle of the distributed parallel computing,the search tasks are dispatched to every child-node server,and the root-node server took responsibility for gathering results.Every child-node server adopts the design concept of parallel.Verification experiments show that compared with the traditional full-text search architecture,the search consuming time of the full-text search architecture based on Lucene proposed here decreases by 55% at least.


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