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Quantitative analysis for affecting factors of firing dispersion of multiple launch rockets system


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Quantitative analysis for affecting factors of firing dispersion of multiple launch rockets system
Tang WenbingRui XiaotingWang GuopingYang Fufeng
Institute of Launch Dynamics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
multiple launch rockets system firing dispersion rockets flight dynamics equations processing errors assembly errors initial disturbances
To evaluate,design and control the firing dispersion of multiple launch rockets system scientifically,the influences of random factors on firing dispersion are analyzed quantitatively.The influences of processing and assembly errors,initial disturbances and the wind on flight are considered based on the flight dynamics equations of rockets.The sensitivities of affecting factors and their coupling actions relative to impact points are abtained using the Sobol' global sensitivity analysis method.Compared with traditional error analysis methods,the sensitivities are extended to be the weights of affecting factors in meaning.The analysis results show that,along with the development of modern measurement and processing technique,initial disturbances are the major factors influencing the firing dispersion especially in small firing angles.


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