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Fault diagnosis of shell transfer arm based on FDA and neural network


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Fault diagnosis of shell transfer arm based on FDA and neural network
Gao Xuexing1Hou Baolin1Sun Huagang2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;
2.Ordnance Technical Institute,Shijiazhuang 050003,China
functional data analysis neural network shell transfer arm fault diagnosis automatic ammunition loading system fault detection
To solve the problem that fault detection and isolation is difficult in automatic ammunition loading systems,a shell transfer arm is taken as an object and the fault diagnosis is broken into four information abstractions:the abstraction from a real equipment to a simulation model,the abstraction from the simulation model to response curves,the abstraction from the response curves to feature parameters,and the abstraction from the feature parameters to fault information.The uncertainty model of the shell transfer arm is built and response curves are obtained after samplings and simulations.Considering the continuity and smoothness of signals,features are abstracted using functional data analysis(FDA).Neural network is trained to be a fault diagnosis machine,according to feature parameters and uncertainty parameters in samples.A fault diagnosis software is developed and its feasibility and validity is verified.


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