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New frequent patterns mining algorithm


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New frequent patterns mining algorithm
Ye Haiqin1Liao Li1Wang Yifeng2Zhang Ailing3
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,Zhoukou Normal University,Zhoukou 466001,China; 2.73658 Troops,PLA,Chuzhou 239421,China; 3.Automation Station,71352 Troops,PLA,Anyang 55000,China
frequent patterns mining algorithms bit strings support typical sets transaction sets
In order to adapt to the frequent changes of the database by adding,deleting or modifying operations and speeding up the solving process of support,this paper proposes a new frequent patterns mining algorithm.To adapt to the frequent changes in the current database,customers’ once purchase behavior is converted into a bit string and the typical set of transaction sets is updated gradually by the operation on bit strings in this paper.The typical set includes all patterns.Frequent patterns can be found quickly from the typical set according to the support threshold.An example is used to analyse the process of the algorithm in the face of the frequent change database.It shows that the algorithm has strong ability of adapting to changes in the database and can find the frequent patterns quickly according to the given support threshold.Simulation results verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the algorithm.


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