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Frame rate conversion algorithm based on multi-levelweighted motion estimation


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Frame rate conversion algorithm based on multi-levelweighted motion estimation
Shen Juan1Tian Xuting2Guo Dan2Wang Meng2
1.College of Information Engineering,Anhui Xinhua University,Hefei 230088,China; 2.School of Computer and Information,Hefei University of Technology,Hefei 230009,China
motion vector weighted motion estimation codebook models multi-level detection motion-compensated interpolation frame rate conversion algorithm
To enhance a video’s frame rate conversion,a frame rate conversion algorithm based on multi-level motion estimation is proposed.Firstly,more true motion vectors are achieved by the weighted motion estimation.Secondly,we detect moving areas and complex backgrounds in the video by a codebook model.Then,a multi-level overlapped block motion compensation method is used to detect the true object’s trajectory.A candidate block merging schedule is also used to protect the moving areas’ edge structure from being damaged.Finally,a reclassification schedule and a smoothing schedule are applied to the moving areas and complex backgrounds,which can effectively eliminate the blocking artifacts and ghost effects.Experiments show that the proposed algorithm perfects a higher image quality than traditional methods,and also has a better adaptability.


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