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Design of software-implemented error detection andcorrection for cubesat


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Design of software-implemented error detection andcorrection for cubesat
Zhu MingjunZhou Yujie
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
CubeSat single event effect operating system error detection and correction reliability analysis fault injection
In view of that the low reliability of the CubeSat system,the data on CubeSat is easily effected by the single event effect in the space,causing satellite software fault.The error detection and correction(EDAC)fault tolerance method is proposed to be applied to CubeSat memories in this paper.The method is based on the real-time operating system uCOS.By the software realization of the EDAC to detect and correct memory data errors,the establishment of periodicity detection task can improve the reliability of the data memory.The reliability of the memory data is analyzed by simulating and analyzing the fault tolerance method.Fault injection experiments show that the method can achieve the reliability of data storage,and meet the expected design target.The method can be applied into the reliability design of the storage in CubeSat system.


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