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Experimental study on characteristics of pressure wave inrifle projectile impacting gelatin with protection


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Experimental study on characteristics of pressure wave inrifle projectile impacting gelatin with protection
Huang Shan1Xu Cheng1Qin Bin2Wen Yaoke1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Research Institute of China Ordnance Industries,Beijing 102202,China
rifle projectiles bulletproof materials blunt injury gelatin pressure wave peak value
In order to study the blunt injury mechanism of persons in protective conditions,and clarify the characteristics of pressure waves in the rifle projectiles impacting the body with armor.The test in this paper adopts the gelatin at 4 ℃,10% concentration ratio,and in 300 mm×300 mm×300 mm size with NIJ III bullet proof armor as the simulated target,shooting three 5.56 mm SS109 bullets in 100 meters.By means of the velocity of bullet test system and the pressure test system of synchronization,three sets of data of inner pressure curves in target are obtained.Through processing and analyzing the data,this paper concludes:(1)the peak value of pressure wave is about 506 kPa,the rising time is about 13 μs,and the time of duration is about 60 μs;(2)the speed of pressure wave propagating is about 1 000 m/s,and it has nothing to do with the bullet initial velocity;(3)the peak value of the exponential of pressure wave is in attenuation with the change of distance.


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