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Multi-region collaborative design system construction for gun and bullet and other subsystem


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Multi-region collaborative design system construction for gun and bullet and other subsystem
Wei Zhifang1Wang Fang1Li Xiaoguang1Hu Yanling2Huang Jing2Guo Shi2
1.College of Mechatronic Engineering,North University of China,Taiyuan 030051,China; 2.Information Center,No 208 Research Institute of China Ordnance Industries,Beijing 102202,China
small arms collaborative design optimization top-down multi-regions
TH166; TJ202
In view of the developing status of long-lasting and ineffective concentrating design for small arms,a multi-region collaborative design optimization system for gun and bullet and other systems based on the internet is studied here.By analyzing the coupling relations and collaborative request among subsystems of gun and bullet in the designing process of small arms,the multi-region collaborative development system is constructed,the collaborative design and optimization model frame is established,and the top-down design flow and achieving technology are studied.Consequently,the corresponding collaborative design method is created for achieving the multi-region collaborative design in multi-factories by the internet.The practical example proves that the design efficiency of small arms is improved and the development cost is decreased by using the collaborative design system and the presented method.


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