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Fast matching algorithm for image mosaic


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Fast matching algorithm for image mosaic
Zhao Xiaoqiang12Yue Zongda1
1.College of Electrical and Information Engineering,Lanzhou University of Technology,Lanzhou 730050,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Gansu Advanced Control for Industrial Processes,Lanzhou 730050,China
image matching scale invariant feature transform adaptive non-maxima suppression Radon transform random sample consistency
Aiming at the problems of the large computation,the poor real-time and the mismatching of the scale invariant feature transform(SIFT)algorithm for image mosaic,a Radon-SIFT method based on the adaptive non-maxima suppression(ANMS)is proposed here.Firstly,this method uses feature detector of SIFT to extract initial feature points,and then the initial feature points are preferred by ANMS,so the feature point set of uniform distribution is obtained.Secondly,series of lines are made in the feature area.Image Radon transform integral values on the lines are adopted as feature vector descriptors and the features are matched by the measure criterion of the Euclidean distance.The Random sample consistency(RANSAC)algorithm is used to eliminate mismatching points and the computation speed and the correct matching rate are improved.Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has the higher accuracy and robustness,and the amount of its arithmetic operation is reduced.


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