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Multi-hop localization algorithm based on continuum regression for wireless sensor network


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Multi-hop localization algorithm based on continuum regression for wireless sensor network
Li Ming1Qian Huanyan1Xu Jiang2
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.School of Computer Science and Engineering,Changshu Institute of Technology,Changshu 215500,China
wireless sensor network localization anisotropy continuum regression
In order to overcome the problem that the traditional multi-hop localization algorithm is vulnerable to the network anisotropy effects leading positioning performance unstable,a mapping between the number of hops and the Euclidean distance is constructed to model the positioning process as a continuum regression.The theoretical analysis and practical results show that the improved algorithm can solve heteroscedasticity problems and improve the positioning accuracy with avoiding the influence of anisotropy on the algorithm performance network topology,and has the less calculation cost and parameters,thus it is suitable for the node uneven distribution of wireless sensor networks with high engineering value.


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