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Design and control of soft pneumatic fiber-reinforcement actuator


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Design and control of soft pneumatic fiber-reinforcement actuator
Chen PengzhanZhang WuweiZhang JinglongQuan Fengyu
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,East China Jiaotong University,Nanchang 330013,China
silicone rubber pneumatic fiber-reinforcement actuators
Aiming at the limited degree of freedom and the weak environmental compliance of traditional rigid robots,a soft pneumatic fiber-reinforcement actuator is proposed here.This actuator fabricated from silicone rubber is driven by the air,and its bending angle of the body is controlled by the change of pressure acquired by processing the signal of the actuator's internal pressure and the bending angle.To demonstrate the robustness of this system,experiments are performed to assess the performance of different status.The results indicate that the actuator has good dexterity and infinite degree of freedom,and can perform continuously and smoothly with good adaptation to the environment.


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