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Cloud computing resource scheduling based on improved quantum particle swarm optimization algorithm


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Cloud computing resource scheduling based on improved quantum particle swarm optimization algorithm
Zhao Li
College of Information Engineering,Xinyang College of Agriculture and Forestry,Xinyang 464000,China
cloud computing system quantum particle swarm optimization algorithm resources scheduling method resources utilization data processing swarm intelligence optimization algorithm mathematical model
Resources scheduling is the key technology in the application of the cloud computing system.In view of the defects of slow convergence speed and low efficiency of the standard quantum particle swarm optimization algorithm,a cloud computing resource scheduling method based on the improved quantum particle swarm optimization is proposed.A mathematical model is established based on the analysis of the present situation of cloud computing resources scheduling.The quantum particle swarm optimization algorithm is used to solve the problem in which the average optimal position is randomly disturbed to help particles escape from the local optimal solution.The experiment is used to test and analyze its performance.The results show that the proposed method can effectively improve the utilization of cloud computing resources,ensuring the load balance and good application value.


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