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VM migration scheduling method for load balance


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VM migration scheduling method for load balance
Chen HaoGuo YajuanHuang Wei
Jiangsu Electric Power Company Research Institute,Nanjing 210036,China
migration scheduling simulated annealing load balance virtual machine placement
Virtual machine(VM)dynamic migration plays a key role in a virtualized computing environment for load balance,green energy saving,online maintenance,proactive fault tolerance and flexible resource configuration.To solve the issues of concurrency,migration object choice and migration path optimization in the case of multi VM migrations,a VM migration scheduling method with the goal of load balance is proposed here.The method first discovers physical machines with a high load and selects VMs hosted on these unbalanced physical machines as migration candidates.A simulated annealing algorithm is applied to get a optimal VM placement solution.Finally,a path exchange policy is designed to optimize the migration path.Experimental results show that the method can improve the number of concurrent migrating VMs to reduce the total migration completion time and ensure the load balance.


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