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Application of weighted data fusion in liquefied gas monitoring


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Application of weighted data fusion in liquefied gas monitoring
Liu Hongfei12Yang Jiandong12Fang Liying13Wang Pu1
1.Electronic Information and Control Engineering College,Digital Community Engineering Research Center of the State Education Ministry,Beijing University of Technology,Beijing 100124,China; 2.CapInfo Company Limited,Beijing 100080,China; 3.Beijing Labor
liquefied gas monitoring weighted fusion explosion limits
Considering the real-time and emergency of the liquefied gas monitor system,a dynamic warning method for the monitoring of the liquefied gas system is proposed here to solve the problem that people need to adjust the threshold by themselves.Firstly,the multi-sensor and the Bézier curve are used to collect and clean the data,then the weighted fusion is used to solve the data coming from the same type sensors and adjust the warning threshold based on the relationship between CO2 and the explosion limit of the liquefied gas.The calculating results prove that the method can reduce the error of the system and warn the problem without future knowledge.


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