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Mapping model of network scenarios and routing metrics in DTN


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Mapping model of network scenarios and routing metrics in DTN
Qin ZhenzhenWang YuhaoWu Tingting
Information Engineering School,Nanchang University,Nanchang 330031,China
delay tolerant networks network scenarios classifications routing metrics k-means clustering algorithm temporal graph Floyd algorithm network delivery rate
Aiming to accelerate the long-term network delivery rate and improve network transmission performance of delay tolerant networks(DTN),a mapping model of network scenarios and routing metrics is proposed here.A network scenarios classification method based on k-means clustering algorithm is proposed by taking real standard trace datasets as samples and analyzing DTN network characteristics.The network delivery rate in time to live(TTL)is computed using the temporal graph and Floyd algorithm.A mapping model of network scenarios and routing metrics is constructed using the destructive analysis method.The simulation results verify the validity of the model proposed here.


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