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Improved DRSGA for flexible job shop scheduling


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Improved DRSGA for flexible job shop scheduling
Zhao XiaoqiangHe Hao
College of Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering,Lanzhou University of Technology,Lanzhou 730050,China
flexible job shop scheduling dynamic random search genetic algorithm efficiency coefficient method sequence machine allocation double-layer chromosome encoding scheme variable influence space evaluation method contest rules
To solve the problems of flexible job shop scheduling that it is difficult to determine the weight and the scheduling efficiency is poor,an improved dynamic random search genetic algorithm(DRSGA)is proposed here.All minimized job completing time and total machine loading are translated into single minimized objective by the efficiency coefficient method.A double-layer chromosome encoding scheme is adopted based on sequence crossover and machine allocation crossover.A variable influence space evaluation method is used to guarantee the uniform distribution of non-inferior solutions,and the diversity of population is maintained.A dynamic random search(DRS)method and contest rules are employed to adjust key process orders and obtain the optimal scheduling scheme.The improved DRSGA is compared with the vector evaluated genetic algorithm(VEGA),the improved genetic algorithm(IMGA)and the hybrid genetic algorithm(HGA).The simulation results indicate that the average time of the optimal solution of the improved DRSGA is shorter than the other three algorithms for 41~257 s.


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