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Simulation analysis about temperature difference thermal strain of sights based on ANSYS


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Simulation analysis about temperature difference thermal strain of sights based on ANSYS
Wu Shoujun12Ren Guoquan1Li Dongwei1Yin Gang1
1.Department of Vehicles and Electrical Engineering,Ordnance Engineering College,Shijiazhuang 050003,China; 2.Department of Mechanical Engineering,Academy of Armored Force Engineering,Beijing 100072,China
sights thermal strain optical lens axial temperature difference radial temperature difference heat conduction theory optical mechanical system transient temperature distribution field
In order to analyze the influence of environmental temperature difference on sight optical systems and study the rule of deformation of optical lens under the action of radial and axial temperature difference,the deformation of optical lens is analyzed theoretically by the heat conduction theory and optical mechanical system design method,the lens under the radial and axial temperature difference of 1 ℃、2 ℃、3 ℃、4 ℃、5 ℃、-1 ℃、-2 ℃、-3 ℃、-4 ℃、-5 ℃ are simulated and analyzed respectively.The transient temperature distribution field and total thermal strain of the optical lens are got and the curve of total strain is drawn out with the radial and axial temperature difference.The analysis results show that the temperature field changes in the radial and axial directions gradually; the maximum radial total strain is on the edge of higher temperature side,the maximum axial total strain appears in the center of the higher temperature side; when the temperature difference is the same,the influence of the axial temperature difference is bigger than the radial temperature difference; the maximum total strain are changing with temperature differences linearly.


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