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Virtual machine placement method based on grouping genetic algorithm


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Virtual machine placement method based on grouping genetic algorithm
Li Shuying1Pan Ya1Fei Wei2Xu Jian2
1.College of Information and Electronic Engineering,Shangqiu Institute of Technology,Shangqiu 476000,China; 2.School of Computer Science and Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094,China
cloud computing virtualization virtual machine placement grouping genetic algorithm multi-objective optimization resource usage rate power temperature
To solve the problem of existing virtual machine placement methods that the initial placement target is one-sided and only focuses on one or two optimization objects,a virtual machine initial placement method for multi-objective optimization is proposed here.Resource usage rate,system power and temperature are considered synthetically.Candidates of virtual machine placement solution are got based on an improved group genetic algorithm.The best virtual machine placement solution is selected by a multi-object fuzzy assessment algorithm.The simulation experiment results show that the proposed method can reduce the wasting of resources by 44% and server operation power by 3 kW.


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