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Road slope recognition based on multi-information fusion


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Road slope recognition based on multi-information fusion
Xu JialinWang HongliangGu WenhaoZhang QingkePi Dawei
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
multi-information fusion road slope recognition longitudinal acceleration vehicle body posture longitudinal inclination angle tilt sensor
To improve the recognition accuracy of road slope angles,a recognition algorithm based on multi-information fusion is proposed here.The effect of longitudinal acceleration on vehicle body posture is analyzed,and a road slope recognition model is built by Simulink.The relationship between the longitudinal inclination angle and the acceleration is obtained through simulation.The tilt sensor signal is corrected using fitting coefficient and compared with the real angle measured by a slope measuring instrument.Experimental results show that the algorithm has strong anti-interference ability,and can identify current road slope angles accurately,and the fluctuation range is less than ±1.5°.


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