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Performance research of PVD coating high speed steel micro drill for drilling aluminum alloy


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Performance research of PVD coating high speed steel micro drill for drilling aluminum alloy
Zhang ErgengZhu ZhouZhou Qiong
School of Mechanical Engineering,Shanghai Institute of Technology,Shanghai 201418,China
physical vapor deposition coating high speed steel micro drill aluminum alloy micro hardness thickness average friction coefficient surface morphology diameter corner wear
In order to improve the drilling quality of high speed steel micro drills,the drilling performance of the physical vapor deposition(PVD)coating of high speed steel micro drill at high speed is studied in a dry environment.Four kinds of coating TiAlSiN,DLC,TiN and AlTiN are coated by PVD ion plating technology on high speed steel micro drills of 0.2 mm diameter.In order to measure the micro hardness,thickness and the average friction coefficient of each coating,4 high-speed steel discs are prepared,and each has a homologous coating of the 4 high speed steel micro drills.The processing performance of the coatings is tested in experiments carrying out on 6061 aluminum alloy parts,and the surface morphology,diameter variation and corner wear are obtained.By using the VHM-I04 microhardness tester of 0.49 N,the microhardness of DLC coating micro drill is 2 800,its friction coefficient is 0.05,and its drilling performance is the best of the four coating micro drills and one no coating micro drill.TiAlSiN coating falls off easily from the substrate and wears fast due to its poor adhesion strength with high speed steel,and TiAlSiN coating is not suitable for micro drills.


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