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Seismic performance of viaduct piers with SFRC in plastic hinge regions


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Seismic performance of viaduct piers with SFRC in plastic hinge regions
Zhang Yuye12Wu Gang2Yao Bo1
1.School of Science,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Concrete and Pre-stressed Concrete Structure of Ministry of Education, Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
plastic hinge regions viaducts piers steel fiber reinforced concrete normal concrete steel fiber concrete tructural analysis software reinforced concrete flexural apacity-demand ratios
U442.5+5; TU997
The potential plastic hinge regions of viaduct piers are reinforced with steel fiber reinforced concrete(SFRC)in order to improve the seismic performance of the structures.Prism specimens constructed with normal concrete(NC)and steel fiber concrete(SFC)are tested under axial compression and the constitutive relation curves of the two kinds of concrete are obtained.Models of reinforced concrete(RC)piers and piers with SFRC in the plastic hinge regions are constructed using structural analysis software,and the seismic demands of the key parts of different piers are analyzed.The fiber element models of pier sections are established using the UCFyber program,and the flexural capacities of the piers are calculated.The flexural capacity-demand ratios of RC piers and piers with SFRC in the plastic hinge regions are analyzed and compared.The results show that the strength and deformation properties of SFC are better than NC; the plastic deformation and seismic energy dissipation of piers with SFRC in the plastic hinge regions are greater than those of RC piers under longitudinal ground motion input; the flexural capacity-demand ratios of piers with SFRC in the plastic hinge regions increase by 25.5% on average than those of RC piers,and the seismic safety of piers with SFRC in the plastic hinge regions is better.


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