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Orthotropic cavity penetration depth model of concrete material


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Orthotropic cavity penetration depth model of concrete material
Xue JianfengShen PeihuiWang Xiaoming
School of Mechanics Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
constitutive models failure criterion orthotropic cavity explosion projectiles concretes penetration depth crater depth crater diameters
Based on the extensive using spherical cavity expansion model in the penetration concrete subjected to projectile,with the Darwin-Pechnold constitutive model,taking Saenz uniaxial compression stress strain relationship instead of equivalent uniaxial stress-strain relationship of concrete,the orthogonal anisotropic cavity expansion model is developed by using Kupfe failure criterion to describe the mechanical behavior of concrete.The predicated model of penetration depth is in reasonable agreement with the experimental results.The model can reflect the real physical phenomenon of concrete material,so the use of spherical cavity expansion model is expanded and simplified in the problem of penetration.


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