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Design of quadrotor based on dual processor


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Design of quadrotor based on dual processor
Xu Jialin1Wang Hongliang1You Anhua2Li Ke1Jiang Cuihuan1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering; 2.Engineering Training Center,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
folding quadrotors dual processors hardware circuits Kalman filtering attitude fusion accelerometers moving average filting flight tests
Aiming at the problem that the ordinary quadrotor is inconvenient to carry out and the vibration is easily disturbed,a folding quadrotor based on the dual processor is designed.In order to suppress the interference of the vibration of the wing,the moving average filter is put forward.Considering the structural characteristics of an aircraft,the hardware circuit based on the dual processor is designed to realize the stable hovering of the aircraft.Flight tests show that the filtered accelerometer fluctuation range of the signal is only ±0.2 m/s2,and the lag is very small; Kalman attitude fusion algorithm based on the dual processor has good performance of dynamics and stability.Quadrotor attitude angle ranges are ±0.5° and ±1° respectively when hovering at low and high altitudes,which satisfy the hover requirements,and when subjected to large disturbances,quadrotors can return to maintain hover condition only through 0.4 s.


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