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Dynamic friction behavior analysis of plate preloaded double-nut ball screw


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Dynamic friction behavior analysis of plate preloaded double-nut ball screw
Chen Yongjiang1Tang Wencheng2Yin Feihong1Guo Hun1
1.School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering,Changzhou Institute of Technology,Changzhou 213002,China; 2.School of Mechanical Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing 211189,China
preload ball screws friction force contact angle creep friction torque slip behavior
In order to reveal the characteristics of rolling contact between the ball and the race of the preloaded double-nut ball screw,based on the theory of rolling contact theory in rolling contact mechanics,the sliding forces between the ball and nut raceway are calculated.A creepage analytical model for the ball screw is eventually established.The ball screw tests are performed on a special machine.Good agreement has been obtained by comparing the predictions of the new analytic torque model with the test results.The quantitative relationship between the creep rate/spin ratio with operating conditions and structural parameters are analyzed using this model.The results show that the creep rate and the spin rate of the contact surface of the ball are mainly influenced by the contact angle,while the creep rate and spin rate mainly affect the sliding behavior of the contact between balls and races.


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