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Wideband dipole antenna for the fourth generation mobile communications


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Wideband dipole antenna for the fourth generation mobile communications
Jin Kui12Yang Yudong2Zuo Weiqing1Rong Xinghua1Chen Guangwei3 Yang Yang1He Xiaoxiang1Gu Changqing1
1.College of Electronic Information Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016,China; 2.Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering,Huaiyin Institute of Technology,Huai'an 223003,China; 3.College of Electrical and Computer Engineering,Purdue University,West Lafayette,Indiana 47906,USA
balun dipole antenna microstrip transmission line fourth generation mobile communications
A wideband dipole antenna for the fourth generation(4G)mobile communications is designed.Utilizing impedance load of parasitic strips,a balun which can transform an unbalanced signal into a balanced signal is realized; transmission line between the antenna arms and the balun is designed to achieve the impedance matching; the radiation current path flowing in the arms is extended; a new resonance point emerge and bandwidth of the antenna is widened.Simulated and experimental results of return loss(S11)are in good agreement in 2~3 GHz,and the frequency range with S11 of below -10 dB covers six service bands of 4G.Simulated and experimental results of radiation patterns within the frequency range also show a good radiation performance of the dipole antenna significantly.


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