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Iterative optimization algorithm of infinite impulse response digital filters'design with low group-delay


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Iterative optimization algorithm of infinite impulse response digital filters'design with low group-delay
Yang Yan1Xu Pingping2
1.Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering,Bengbu College,Bengbu 233030,China; 2.National Mobile Communications Research Lab,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
iterative optimization algorithm group delay filter design nearly linear-phase constrained optimization infinite impulse response
An improved iterative optimization algorithm(IIOA)is proposed to reduce the large group delay of bandpass for infinite impulse response(IIR)digital filters with nearly linear-phase.When initial group delay values are fixed the group-delay is minimized by the IIOA mentioned here with constraining the maximum passband ripple and minimax stopband attenuation.The second-order sections of filter are described by a set of linear inequality which is used in optimization algorithm.To avoid the abnormal transition band,the scale is set 1.In the experiment the 10-order and 18-order IIR low-pass filters are designed with the 0.266 dB and 0.232 dB maximum passband ripple and 36.132 dB and 49.97 dB,minimum stopband attenuation respectively.The experimental results show the group delay obtained here are decreased by 32.2% and 26% through this algorithm compared with the literature method.At the same time transition band gains are decreased by 10.5% and 17.6%.


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