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Linear distinguishing attack analysis on ZUC stream cipher


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Linear distinguishing attack analysis on ZUC stream cipher
Tang Yongli1Han Di1Yan Xixi1Ye Qing1Li Zichen2
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454003,China; 2.School of Information Engineering,Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication,Beijing 102600,China
ZUC linear distinguishing attack linear approximation distinguisher linear masking
In order to probe into the security of the ZUC algorithm,linear distinguishing attack on the ZUC algorithm is proposed.In this paper,we first consider the linear approximation of 2-round nonlinear function F and get linear approximation equation,and the best advantage of the linear approximation equation is 2-22.6.By combining those linear approximations,we establish a distinguisher only depending on the keystream.In order to get the best advantage of distinguisher,we search the best linear masking and the best advantage of the distinguisher is about 2-65.5.The result shows that the key stream generated by ZUC is distinguishable from a random sequence after observing approximately O(2131)bits,and it proves that the ZUC algorithm is safe.By comparison,the result of the linear distinguishing attack is superior to other attacks.


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