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Energy awareness based QoS routing protocol in wireless sensor network


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Energy awareness based QoS routing protocol in wireless sensor network
Wang Huixia1Li Na2
1.College of Information Engineering,Henan Radio and Television University,Zhengzhou 450046,China; 2.Department of Information Engineering,Henan Polytechnic,Zhengzhou 450046,China
wireless sensor network routing protocol quality of service energy awareness
According to the characteristic of QoS and network lifetime requirement in WSN,one QoS routing protocol with reinforcement learning named EARP(Energy Awareness Routing Protocol)based on energy awareness is proposed.In EARP,nodes perceive network state to provide the requirement of QoS by using the feedback information and balance the network load with the strategy of roulette wheel routing.The protocol improves the performance of the network while provides QoS needed.Simulation results show that compared with the protocols of QoS-AODV and RL-QRP,EARP can provide QoS needed while improving the packets delivery ratio and end-to-end delay greatly,extending the lifetime of network effectively.


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