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Cloud computing resource scheduling based on modified cuckoo search algorithm


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Cloud computing resource scheduling based on modified cuckoo search algorithm
Zhao Li
College of Information Engineering,Xinyang College of Agriculture and Forestry,Xinyang 464000,China
cloud computing resource scheduling cuckoo search algorithm scheduling scheme security level
In view of the time-consuming length of the current cloud computing resource scheduling and the high overhead problem,this paper proposes a novel cloud computing task scheduling method based on a modified cuckoo search algorithm.The current cloud computing resource scheduling research present situation is analysed.Different levels of virtual machine and security needs are obtained according to the intensity of security and user demand.Modified cuckoo search algorithm is used to solve the problem of the cloud computing resource scheduling.The simulation experiments are carried out in CloudSim platform.The results show that the proposed method can obtain good scheduling scheme for cloud computing resources,and scheduling performance is superior to other cloud computing resources scheduling methods,which verify the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed method.


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