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Influence principle and law on deep foundation pit construction to near subway shield tunnel


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Influence principle and law on deep foundation pit construction to near subway shield tunnel
Yang Jun1Li Fujie2
1.School of Earth and Resources,Chang'an University,Xi'an 710054,China; 2.Xi'an Metro Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 710018,China
soft soil deep foundation pit subways shield tunnels polymerization of gravity polymer surface dynamic change
In order to study the construction of deep foundation pit in soft soil area of existing subway shield tunnel structure principle and the influence of the law,based on a large number of monitoring data of construction site and engineering experience as the foundation,this paper uses the geotechnical engineering analysis software FLAC3D and according to the results for the first time put for polymerization gravitational field domain concepts,and draws some important conclusions:for deep foundation pit construction in soft soil area on the surrounding,the influence of both the structure and its formation is the physical parameters such as internal friction angle,cohesive force,poisons'ratio closely related.Formation rheological property,the higher the sensitivity,the greater the impact scope.All in the polymerization of gravitational field domain existing structures are affected or even damaged.Polymerization gravity and the size of the polymer surface will gradually become larger with the excavation of the deepening and move down,it is a dynamic process.


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